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“We never leave without it”

“We never leave without it”

Do without anything in the motorhome because electricity is running low, that was yesterday!

Jürgen R., travel blogger & camper

When the light flickers and the heating in the motorhome goes out, you realise that the battery in the motorhome doesn’t provide endless electricity after all.

This happened to us once in winter in Oberhof. It was the middle of the night, and when it’s -20 degrees outside, that’s no small matter. The heating went off. It runs on gas, but the control unit and fan need electricity!

Although we had a solar system, it does not supply enough electricity from October to March to balance the daily consumption. So, to prevent this from happening again, we needed to find an alternative power source. A diesel or petrol engine is out of the question due to its noise, and since comparable gas engines were in such a high price range, we looked at a fuel cell for the first time.

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