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With EFOY, Norway and Scotland are a dream! Detlev V.

With EFOY, Norway and Scotland are a dream

Detlev V.

For decades, we have been absolute "camping opponents", successfully carrying out all of our trips by car. Our last car journey took us to the Lofoten, amongst other places. We had to realise that in Norway, above the Polar Circle, the infrastructure is not up to the the central European standards that we are used to. This meant that even in a city like Narvik, the few existing hotels were completely booked by coach travellers. The next hotel in the nearest city was then about 400 km or 6 hours’ drive away. This situation forced us to go to a camp site, though also 100 km away, where we managed to rent one of the huts that was still available at such a late hour.

How can you prevent such negative experiences if you’ve got Norway fever?

Observing and speaking to other travellers, it became clear quickly: it is only possible if you have your bed with you. We were forcefully converted to caravan people so we started to look for the "right model" after our return. Small, compact, yet everything on board – we chose an Avanti E box van from the German manufacturer La Strada. After a brief test hire with our desired caravan, it was configured for us and we ordered it.

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