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EFOY Pro 800/2400


Intelligent fuel cells, charge batteries fully automatically

Fully automatic power generator

The EFOY Pro 800 and 2400 are the predecessors of the new EFOY Pro fuel cells. The EFOY Pro 800/2400 fuel cells are intelligent power generators that are used to continuously and fully automatically recharge batteries. The fuel cell is connected directly to the battery, which supplies the consumer and monitors its state of charge. Depending on requirements, the fuel cell switches on fully automatically, recharges the battery and then goes back to standby - maintenance-free and without user intervention.

The EFOY Pro 800 and 2400 deliver 45 W and 110 W of power. Both fuel cells are also available as a duo variant with two tank connections for two EFOY fuel cartridges. With the DuoCartSwitch , up to four fuel cartridges can be connected to an EFOY Pro 800/2400 Duo for even more self-sufficiency. Typical areas of application for the EFOY Pro 800 are, for example, measuring stations in environmental technology that record a continuously low power requirement over a long period of time. The EFOY Pro 2400 is often used to operate mobile and off-grid surveillance systems and to ensure an on-board power supply in vehicles.

EFOY energy solutions

EFOY Pro energy solutions combine power generation by EFOY Pro fuel cells and power storage by batteries in a suitable housing. At the same time, there is enough room for customer-specific adjustments.

Remote Monitoring

The EFOY Pro fuel cell can be monitored and controlled via modem.


How does the EFOY Pro work?

The EFOY Pro converts the fuel in the fuel cartridge directly into electricity. Thanks to this direct conversion, which takes place with no moving parts, is silent and environmentally friendly, it is extremely efficient, clean and environmentally friendly.

What do I need an EFOY Pro fuel cell for?

EFOY Pro fuel cells are useful wherever there is no or not always available connection to the public power grid, but electrical energy is still required. In the area of ​​off-grid industrial plants that are not "wired" to the power grid, the fuel cell provides the required power reliably and in all weathers - e.g. for security technology, traffic telematics, surveillance cameras, environmental sensors, etc.

Where can I buy EFOY fuel cells and energy solutions?

Contact us directly. We will recommend the right EFOY Pro partner for you.

For which applications are EFOY fuel cells designed?

The EFOY direct methanol fuel cells are available as EFOY and EFOY Pro models with an output of up to 500 W, depending on the power requirement and usage requirements. Our EFOY and EFOY Pro models are designed for different purposes. The EFOY models are designed for temporary use with few operating hours and are used as a back-up power supply for grid-connected or solar-powered hybrid installations. The EFOY Pro series is ideal for continuous operation and can also be used in hybrid operation. With the EFOY Pro, you can operate your application completely independently, compensate for low solar power and use smaller solar modules.


The hydrogen fuel cell solution EFOY Hydrogen serves as a back-up power supply solution and is ideally suited for providing clean emergency power and off-grid applications instead of a conventional generator, e.g. in the following markets:

  • For almost all stationary and semi-mobile applications up to 10 kW

  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

  • Backup Power Supply – Telecom/IT/Data Centers/Hospitals

  • Railway and transport control / substations

  • critical infrastructure

  • Energy, gas or water supply


The EFOY Pro and EFOY Hydrogen fuel cells have been developed and designed for commercial and professional use.


Can I also monitor the EFOY Pro remotely?

Yes, remote monitoring is possible with a modem. 

Can I connect loads directly to the EFOY?

The EFOY Pro fuel cells are battery chargers. Products are powered by the battery.

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EFOY Pro 800/2400

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