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All fuel cells from SFC Energy use methanol to operate. SFC energy has established a highly efficient, international tank cartridge logistics network for the rapid, convenient supply of this material to fuel cell users.   Fuel Cartridges can be easily and conveniently purchased from the website store.

The tank cartridges are available in 5, 10, 28 and 60 litre sizes and in special sizes of 0.35 and 2.5 litres. The high energy density of methanol means that SFC fuel cartridges deliver a significant mount of energy in a very small volume and weight.

All fuel cartridges are safe, sealed and tank cartridges have been designed to satisfy the strictest safety requirements and have UN approval for transport by sea, road or air. 

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Are SFC fuel cartridges approved for transport?

Yes, SFC fuel cartridges are designed for the most stringent safety requirements. Additionally, the fuel cartridges are approved and marked for road, sea and air transport.

What is the energy density of the SFC fuel cartridges?

On average, how long does one M10 or M28 fuel cartridge last?

One litre corresponds to an energy capacity of 1.1 kWh. With a continuous consumption of 25 W (600 Wh/day) without an additional energy source such as solar power, the following applies:

  • an M10 nearly 3 weeks

  • an M28 over 7 weeks

  • four M28 nearly 30 weeks

Can the fuel cartridge for the SFC JENNY 600S be changed during ongoing operation?

Yes, the fuel cartridge can easily be changed during ongoing operation. The design of the cartridges ensures that the user is never at risk of coming into contact with their contents.

What is the difference between the desert and regular fuel cartridges?

The desert version is available for fuel cartridges M0.35 and M2.5. They contain a water-methanol mixture and are therefore designed for higher temperatures up to + 55°C.

Can several fuel cartridges be connected to one SFC EMILY 3000?

Yes, the DuoCartSwitch is used to connect up to two fuel cartridges with the EMILY 3000. The DuoCartSwitch is available as an additional accessory. 

Can I refill fuel cartridges?

Yes, utilizing SFC fuel and the Cartridge Filling Unit p/n 303 000 015 cartridges can be refilled.


Jenny600S Fuel Cartridges

Jenny 600s fuel cartridge.png
Jenny 1200 fuel cartridges.png

Jenny1200 Fuel Cartridges


Emily3000 Fuel Cartridges

Emily fuel cartridges.png

The Emily3000 can utilize the M5 and M10 fuel cartridges.  For extended operations the M28 fuel cartridge can be utilized with the use of a cartridge adapter. 


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